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The Greyhound is a variety of sighthound that’s been mainly bred for coursing game and racing, but this breed has lately seen a revival in the recognition like a pedigree show dog and family dog. The main reason for the rising popularity could be the fact that greyhound is a gentle and intelligent breed. This blog will give you the basic information about the Greyhound Breed as well as show you some interesting photos of greyhounds that I found on the net.

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Greyhound – The Perfect Companion

These dogs are perfect racers without a doubt, but what many people do not realize is that they are the perfect company dogs just as well. Thanks to the “Adopt a Greyhound” rescue programs, more and more people adopt retired racers and discover the passions of keeping a Greyhound as a companion. These animals literally love humans and love spending time with them. Even thou they are large animals, they are pretty easy to keep even in smaller apartments, all they need is their safe spot in the house. Greyhounds show a lot of personality and will surely bring a lot of fun into your household.


Look in the eyes of this greyhound, how can you resist an animal like that? Consider adopting a retired racer and bring some happiness to your home. A properly trained individual with love your company, just as the one onthe photo below :

And if you have some property to guard, you might use a Greyhound too. Although they are usually very friendly towards humans, these animals are pretty large and not many strangers dare to enter a property guarded by one of them.

Greyhounds can pretty much fill any role you want them to, just give them the love they need and they will reward you with a lot of joy.

Italian Greyhound

Many people confuse the Italian Greyhound with the regular Greyhound Breed that this site is about, so I thought I would adres this issue too. The Italian Greyhound is actually the smallest of sighthounds, usually weighting under 18 lbs (8kg) and not more than 15 inches (38 cm) tall in the withers. Their body is somewhat fragile, so caution is required when for example playing with them, especially when children are involved. Below is a photo of an adult Italian Greyhound, its a really pretty animal :


The smaller size and body structure of the Italian, mean this tiny Greyhound breed is not suitable for racing as its bigger brother, but rather serves as a loving companion dog. Keep this in mind when observing a young representative of the breed, their high activity might suggest athletic capabilities, but they are simply too fragile for this. Thou small and tiny, the Italian Greyhound still got its share of hunting instincts, so they should be kept leashed at all times, to prevent sudden break aways at high speed after a passing small animal. Even thou these dogs are often put in the “toy” dog category, they are still hunters by nature, which is a fact that you shouldnt forget about. They feel the best in the company of their human owner, as you can see on the following video :

Greyhounds and Cats

So you have a cat in the house and you are thinking about adopting a Greyhound? Unlike many other dog breeds, these creatures can actually get along with other animals pretty well. Plenty of happy owners breed Greyhounds and cats at the same time, in the same house. Take a look at this short video, you will see these two animals can actually love each other :

Of course it is much easier to start with a puppy, as an adult Greyhound might not be able to accommodate to a cat in the house anymore. To avoid possible problems, make sure to get your new pet used to other ones as soon as you bring it home. As always, it requires patience and love to achieve your desired results. If you are persistent enough and ready to take up on challenge, you might soon take photos like this on your own :


Greyhounds are usually very friendly animals, they get along well with other dog breeds and they literally love humans too.

Greyhound Puppies

The puppies of the Greyhound dog, just like puppies of any dog breed actually, are sweet little creatures that you will fall in love with immediately. Looking at the small puppies, its pretty hard to imagine what a strong and fast running dogs they are going to become.

Many people think that all Greyhounds are of the grey color, probably because of the breed name. This is not true, there are many color variations of the Greyhound available of course. You can find dogs with just one color, just as there is a lot of mixed colors variations. So if the coloration is an important factor for you, make sure you choose a greyhound puppy in the desired color.

Greyhound puppies are sweet little creatures from the birth, these dogs are a passion to watch regardless of their age. Check out this short video of really young greyhounds puppies “fighting” for the mothers milk. You can immediately see there dogs are true fighters :)


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