Short specification of the Greyhound breed with photos and vital data.

Greyhound Breed Facts

Greyhound is a perfect mix of lengthy, effective and powerful legs, deep chest, flexible spine, and slim build that enables this dog to achieve average race speeds more than 18-19 metres per second (59 ft per second) or 64 kms an hour (39 miles per hour). With the maximum acceleration, an adult greyhound reaches the full speed of about 70 kms per hour (43 mph) within 30 metres or six strides in the boxes, running at almost 20 metres per second for that first 250 metres of the race. The only real other animal that may accelerate faster over ten or twenty yards is really a cheetah that may achieve speeds of 109-120 km per hour (68 miles per hour) over 3-4 strides from the standing start. So those who love fast moving animals should really consider owning a greyhond as cheetahs are not the ideal family pets for sure :)

Nice video of two Greyhound chasing a rabbit :

Appearance and Anatomy : Greyhound males are normally between 70 – 76 centimetres (28 – 30 in) tall in the wither and weigh around 26 – 40 kilos (60 to 89 lb). Greyhound females are usually more compact with shoulder levels varying from 67 – 71 centimetres (27 – 28 in) and weights from under 27 – 34 kilos (60 – 75 lb). Greyhounds have quite short hair, that is simple to maintain. You will find roughly thirty recognized color forms – brindle, fawn, black, red-colored and blue (grey) that can also be in various combinations. The important thing in terms of the speed that the Greyhounds are able to reach, is its sensational looking muscular build, biggest heart, and greatest area of fast-twitch muscle associated with any breed as well as the double suspension gallop and also the extreme versatility from the spine.

Egyptian roots of the Greyhound
History : Greyhound breed’s origin is romantically linked to Ancient Egypt, where depictions of smooth-covered sighthound types have been discovered that are usual for saluki (Persian greyhound) or sloughi (tombs at Beni Hassan c. 2000 BC). Recent DNA analyses suggest that the greyhound is actually linked to herding dogs and that their real origins is connected with the ancient Celts and Eastern part of Europe. Currently, the pure bred Greyhounds are all derived form the stock registered with the coursing, racing and kennel club in the United Kingdom at the end of the 18th century. Originally, the greyhound was a hunting dog, taking use of its fast movement on open lands. In the modern era, greyhounds were more and more used as racing pets, serving their owners as companinion at older age.

Greyhound Anamtomy
Is Greyhound the right dog for you?  : Greyhound is a quiet dog, who is gentle and loyal to its owners. They are really loving pets and love the company of the human owners as well as other dogs. Small animals or cats can live along with the greyhounds sometimes, but this depends on the individual personality of each animal. Greyhounds preffer quiet homes, but can be kept with young kids as long as the kids learn how to treat these sensitive dogs properly. Their sensitive nature requires gentle commands and training methods in general. Greyhounds love company, breeding them in pairs is always a good idea. These dogs usually do not bark, so you do not have to be afraid of your neighbors all that much. As a sporting and racing dog, you have to provide your greyhound with enough movement and time spent outdoors. Keep in mind that these dogs love fast sprints, so the key is provide them with enough quick runs, not hours of slow walks.


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