Short specification of the Greyhound breed with photos and vital data.

Greyhound Health and Diet

Greyhounds are usually long living creatures, without many hereditary ilnesses with a typical life duration between 10-13 years. The most known, thou rare, health complications od Greyhounds include bloat, esophageal achalasia and osteosarcoma. Due to its lean physique, Greyhounds should be supplied with something soft to sleep on. Pretty specific anatomy of this dog breed requires a qualified veterinarian to look after your dog. You should also know that Greyhounds are sensitive to insecticides which complicates the use of flea collars or sprays, only products based on pyrethin are recommended.

The diet you are gonna feed you Greyhound depends largely on whether it is an active racer or a retired companion dog that you possibly adopted. On the racing track, the Greyhounds are fed with raw meat, cooked vegetables of many kinds and kibble with high content of proteins. The racers are also provided with extra minerals and vitamins. Once retired, the diet has to change pretty dramatically. It is recommended to feed aged Greyhounds with several smaller doses of high quality kibble with an occasional addition of tasty goodies like pasta, rice, chicken meat and so on. With the right diet, your Greyhound dog is going to shine up the life of your family for many years.


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