Short specification of the Greyhound breed with photos and vital data.

Greyhounds and Cats

So you have a cat in the house and you are thinking about adopting a Greyhound? Unlike many other dog breeds, these creatures can actually get along with other animals pretty well. Plenty of happy owners breed Greyhounds and cats at the same time, in the same house. Take a look at this short video, you will see these two animals can actually love each other :

Of course it is much easier to start with a puppy, as an adult Greyhound might not be able to accommodate to a cat in the house anymore. To avoid possible problems, make sure to get your new pet used to other ones as soon as you bring it home. As always, it requires patience and love to achieve your desired results. If you are persistent enough and ready to take up on challenge, you might soon take photos like this on your own :


Greyhounds are usually very friendly animals, they get along well with other dog breeds and they literally love humans too.

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